How to Scale Ecommerce Customer Support With Amazon-like Self-service

Tamal Santra
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June 24, 2022
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Scale Customer Support with Amazon like Self Service

“In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.” – Doug Warner

At the early days of your ecommerce (or any other) business, you can afford to treat your customer like VIPs with dedicated personal support. But when your business grows, things get complicated. Running an outstanding customer support practice can be challenging in a high growth environment. 

The problem with scaling your ecommerce support is that it often comes with two prerequisites

  • Hiring more support staff.
  • Diluting your standard support practice. 

Survey: "Consumers want Amazon-like store experience”-  Is this even news anymore?

A recent survey tells us that 89% of consumers have switched to doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience

So, how can you scale your support without compromising with the customer’s experience?

I will show you how.

Reduce support tickets with personalized self-service

Do you remember when was the last time you actually reached out to Amazon or Uber support? I have been using both these services on a daily basis for quite a long time now but I can’t remember the last time I had to write or talk to their support.

We all know why. Because they have an excellent personalized self-service designed to eliminate all unnecessary or repetitive communications with agents.

Let’s take the example of Amazon. Its self-service dashboard is designed to help the customers with all the common issues they may encounter. Customers can browse a support article to find the answer or go through an interactive process to even take action.

Amazon return request submission process

Would you like to offer your customers a similar system? 

In fact, with Richpanel you can.  You can do so, without customizing your systems and IT resources for the ongoing support!

Richpanel personalized self-service helps you to eliminate all the repetitive communication and offers a rich hassle-free support experience that your customers would actually use and love.  

4 ways self-service helps you to scale your ecommerce customer support (without scaling your team)

A good customer support system can be defined with the following factors:

i) Easy to access support. 

ii) Quick resolution of the issue.

iii) Great customer experience.

While scaling your customer support, you need to make sure that you don’t lose a grip of these.  

With Richpanel, you can offer an all-in-one personalized dashboard on your store where each customer can:

- See all their current and past orders and details in one place- no order numbers to remember!

-  Track an order or find answers for order related issues,  through an interactive process.  No more waiting for agents, except for complex cases

-  See relevant  FAQs and reach out to support, only if needed. 

-  See all their conversation history with the support team. No more repeating of your life story, multiple times!

1. Reduce up to 35% support tickets and provide faster resolution

Around 35% of the ecommerce support queries are order related and repetitive. Support teams spend most of their time handling common requests like cancellation, return request, address change etc. 

With the traditional free-form support systems, it usually takes prolonged back and forth communication between the customer and the support team to get the required information to resolve the issues.

Now, the most frequent support requests may be different for your business. Whatever they are, you can still eliminate most of the repetitive contacts.

Here’s how:

With Richpanel self-service, you offer a personalized dashboard for your customers. It can be a dedicated page or just a widget on your store. As customers log in, the usual way or just with an OTP (one-time password), they see all of their current and past order details.

Now, let’s say a customer wants to return an item from her last order.

When the customer logs into the store, she is greeted with a very personalized dashboard where she can browse all her orders, conversations and help articles all in one place.  

She picks the order, selects the issue and then selects the items which she wants to return. Then as soon as she starts a chat, it sends a message with all the necessary info attached.

Personalized self-service journey for order return

Now, your support agents get all the info they need in one go - the order details, the item she wants to return and even the reason if you include that in the workflow.

This is a very common ecommerce support scenario. For your business, the most frequent support scenarios can be completely different. Whatever your support scenarios are, you can drag and drop and build custom workflows for them.

2. Build custom workflows to automate your store's support scenarios

Every business is unique and so are their customer’s problems. 

The customer support team of UrbalActiv frequently receives queries regarding the various CBD infused products they are selling. 

Let’s see how they have built custom workflows for their product recommendation process.

They have got a section on their self-service dashboard for the “Questions About Products”. 

Personalized FAQs on the self-service dashboard of UrbalActiv 

Where there is this question “Which product is right for me”. When you click it, it will ask for your Age and Whats ails you. Now you fill this information to start a chat. 

Product recommendation workflow of UrbalActiv

The support agent receives the core information needed to recommend the best product to you. 

This is a pretty simple workflow. With Richpanel’s easy drag & drop builder and custom user input options, you can easily build any type of support workflow for your store.

3. 24/7 customer support without staffing

When a visitor on your store has a query, it’s very unlikely that the customer will look for the FAQ page or read your store policies to find the answer. The visitor is most likely to use the live chat on your store and if your support team can’t answer the visitor right away, you may lose a potential customer.

Without support staff sitting behind it, a traditional live chat is pretty useless. To provide round the clock support, you need to staff your team for all the shifts.

Now, with the Richpanel, you can easily create the interactive FAQs and workflows so that the visitor can easily find the answer going through the intelligently guided process. Furthermore, If the answer doesn’t satisfy the visitor, she can start a chat right away from the same spot. 

If the support team is offline, the intelligent bot collects the visitor’s contact details so that the support agent can easily get back to the visitor with an answer through email or chat.

Support workflow beyond office hours

4. One shared inbox for all your ecommerce support channels

Ecommerce support is usually spread across multiple channels - email, live chat, FAQs and more. When your support team has to switch between multiple tools and tabs, it becomes the biggest productivity killer.

Richpanel provides you with one shared inbox for all your support channels. It connects with the support email, live chat/self-service and WhatsApp so that the agents can view and respond to all the support requests from one place. 

One dashboard for all the support messages and customer data

With deep integration with your ecommerce store, Richpanel pulls in all the customers’ data from the store. While responding to a support request, the agent sees the message and the customer’s complete ecommerce profile in one place to provide personalized support instantly. 

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