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March 10, 2023
Customer Service

Announcement: Introducing New Pricing and Plans

Amit RG
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We have decided to change our pricing to better align with the value we bring to the table. The new pricing is fairer and will work out to be cheaper in 90% of the cases.

This is an experimental pricing and will be only available for new customers that sign up after Jan 1st 2023. If the experiment is successful, we’ll give all customers the option to move to this pricing model.

What is the new price?

Pay for only what you use. If you want to use only the Self-Service Portal and bring your own Help Desk, you can do that. You only need to pay for Self-Service, not the Help Desk.

New Self Service Plans

Similarly, if you want a Help Desk, you can buy a plan based on number of seats.

New Help Desk Plans

Why we are Doing This?

  • So customers only pay for what they use
  • So it's more affordable
  • So it's more predictable and there are no surprise surcharges

Why did we chose order based pricing for self-service?

We decided to charge for self-service resolutions but brands were unsure of the number of resolutions they could expect. They wanted a metric that is more predictable to estimate their monthly fees. We priced self-service based on umber of orders only. However, we added a calculator under each pricing plan to help you estimate number of self-service resolves you can expect.

Calculator to estimate self-service resolutions you can expect based on order volumes

Why did we chose seat based pricing for help desk?

Seat based pricing is more predictable than ticket based pricing. It's difficult for brands to estimate their ticket volumes but they know the number of agents they have. Plus we should not penalize brands for having efficient agents that resolve more tickets. Our product is supposed to do that - help agents resolve more by making them efficient. So a ticket based pricing model will penalize brands for being more efficient. A seat based pricing will align with brand's objectives.

What will happen to existing customers?

Nothing. All existing customers will be grandfathered to their current plans. If we make this new pricing permanent, all existing customers will have the option to opt for the new pricing. If you are an existing customer, we request you to be patient with us and give us couple of months to test this pricing. Thank you for your ongoing support and trust.

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