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Design a custom Help Center in minutes. Help customers with most common questions, product recommendations and FAQs.

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Go live in 72 hours. Zero cost trial
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Go live in 72 hours. Zero cost trial
product recommendations

The sales rep that never sleeps

Your always-on sales agent that helps on-site customers find the right products, offer relevant deals and convert more.

embeddable videos

Say it with video

Ideal for how-to guides, style guides, guide on how to select the right size, for using customer testimonials as social proof.


Make it yours

Add your brand color, logos and social media for a consistent and trustworthy experience.


Proactively handle objections and earn shopper trust

Your first time shoppers have a ton of questions like “What is your return policy”, “Do you offer warranty”, etc. Convert more shoppers by handling all objections proactively.

Explore other capabilities

Order Management

Help customers add/remove items, change shipping address with a Self-Service interface.

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Returns and Exchanges

Integrate Returnly, Loop, Aftership, etc. to allow customers manage returns and exchanges inside Self-Service portal.

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Branded Help Center

Deploy a branded FAQ Help Center in minutes.

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Agent Hand off

Collect contextual data based on situation before agent hand off.

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Custom Workflows

Design custom flows to automate scenarios unique to your business.

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Subscriptions Management

Let customers edit and change subscriptions from the Self-Service portal

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From demo to live in 1 week

Find out how Richpanel can drive down tickets, reduce agent workload and help you get more sales through customer service.

Schedule a 30 min demo. If we are the right fit, we’ll set up everything during your trial - including self-service flows, automation rules and assignment logic.