See what Sidekick can do

Draft a reply

Let Sidekick generate a reply on your behalf. Sidekick will reference past conversations & FAQs to predict the best reply.

Hint the AI

Ask Sidekick to draft a reply for you by giving it a short hint. Useful when informing AI of your decision or giving it context.
Example hints: “Offer a store credit” or “Promotion not available for selected product”.


Ask AI to summarize the conversation instead of having to read the whole thread.


Support customers in multiple languages by letting AI auto-translate customer & agents messages in real time. Supports real time 2-way translation for agent and customers both.

An AI assistant that you can trust

Sidekick AI is trained on your own data. Simply point AI to learn from your past conversations, FAQs & custom URL sources.
Transparent & Trustworthy
Sidekick AI makes no assumptions and only gives answers if it has a basis for it. It doesn’t make up stuff or hallucinate.
Sidekick AI gets better with use through reinforced learning when agents accept/reject the AI suggestions.`

Activate in a day

Add your data sources
Add your FAQ URLs and connect your help desk.
Sidekick AI will take 4-6 hours to train itself on the FAQs and past conversations.
Turn it on
Sidekick AI is ready to assist agents.

Works with your help desk

Join the waitlist & get early bird prices

100  AI generated replies
Reply predictions based on your company data - past interactions & FAQs.
200 generic actions
Generic actions include summarize, instruct, change tone of voice and more.
Train on 5,000 records or last 3 months of interactions
Coming soon
$20/user per month
Unlimited AI generated replies
Reply predictions based on your company data - past interactions & FAQs.
Unlimited generic actions
Generic actions include summarize, instruct, change tone of voice and more.
Train on 20,000 records or last 12 months of interactions
Coming soon
Unlimited AI generated replies
Reply predictions based on your company data - past interactions & FAQs.
Custom training data records
Trained on custom volume of records based on organization needs.
Note: Richpanel Sidekick is currently in beta. During beta, free plans get unlimited usage with no limits.
Generic actions include
Generic reply suggestions
Reply suggestions based on GPT’s knowledge and publicly available data.
Summarize entire conversations in concise, easy to understand bullet points.
Change tone of voice
Change tone of voice of suggestion or drafted reply.
Improve your drafted response.


How does Sidekick AI predict correct answers?

Sidekick AI learns from your previous customer service interactions, FAQ pages, and articles to predict answers. It formats the answers to match your brand's voice and communication channel.

How is this different from macros?

No need to create/maintain:
Macros need to be created and updated regularly to remain relevant, while AI answers require no creation. AI learns from every answer ever written. If the topic has been addressed at least once before, the AI will be able to handle it.

Easy use & recall:
Agents must apply macros by searching for them using their names. In the case of AI-generated replies, agents only need to click the "Suggest a reply" button, and the AI will take care of the rest.

Polished answers:
Macros often need to be edited before being sent. Depending on the context of the existing conversation and customer data, you may need to make some tweaks. AI-powered answers take into account the context of customer data and ongoing conversation, and format the answer to match your brand's tone of voice and channel of communication.

How is it different from other AI-based text writers?

Unlike other generic text recommendation engines, Sidekick AI is purpose built for customer support use cases. It only suggests answers when it has a basis for them. It finds exact topics that were addressed in previous support interactions, making its suggestions accurate and on-brand.

What’s the difference between draft a reply vs instruct actions?

Draft a Reply Action generates context-aware replies by using training data and referring to previous interactions to predict a reply. These actions are computationally expensive and take 2-4 seconds to generate a response. Instruct a reply, on the other hand, are constructed from keyword inputs given to the Sidekick. Both types of replies are formatted to match the brand's tone of voice and customized in length based on the communication channel. For example, replies in SMS and live chat are shorter in length, while email replies can be longer.

How will it work on my helpdesk?

Richpanel AI is available as a Chrome extension that can work with your existing helpdesk. We have added support for Richpanel, Zendesk, Helpscout and Gorgias. If you use a helpdesk not supported yet - just drop us a text on

How do I train the Sidekick AI on my data?

You have the option to add URLs, upload documents, or connect a helpdesk. We recommend connecting your helpdesk as it supports continuous syncing and allows the AI to keep itself up-to-date and learn from newer interactions.

How can we ensure that Sidekick AI does not send incorrect answers to customers?

Sidekick AI does not directly send answers to the customer. Agents have the option to review and edit them before sending.

How much does it cost?

This product is free during its beta phase. We plan to release paid plans in the future, but will continue to have a generous free plan. For now free plan users get access to all available features with no limits.

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