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Rated  4.9/5 (24 reviews)
Rated  5/5 (84 Reviews)
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"Look no further! Richpanel has everything you need and more. We can feel the weight lifted off of our customer service reps. Instead of hiring more employees, we were able to leverage Richpanel so our agents could better handle the workload and also make work enjoyable for them!"
Victoria Shanley
Director of Operations and Marketing
"I'm really, really proud of our customer service team’s achievements. Richpanel’s automated workflows played a big part in achieving those numbers and growing our business. Not to mention all the money they saved us by allowing us to cut our customer service staff in half."
Jason Kutasi
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"Richpanel is pivotal in helping us improve our repeat customer rate. You want to retain customers for 5-10 years in the long term. You want to give them a great CX with quick and satisfying answers. Richpanel makes this a reality."
Jonathan Parker
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