Merchants migrate to Richpanel for 3 reasons.

Switch to a helpdesk software with incredible customer service

Discover why 2,000 brands have chosen Richpanel: ease of use, honest pricing, and being a step ahead.

  • Reduce the demand on support agents by 40-70%
  • Greatly increase customer satisfaction
  • 80%+ clients go live in just a week!

What makes Richpanel a good alternative to Zendesk


Instant and accurate suggestions with AI assistant

Richpanel’s Sidekick AI is built to help customer service agents with instant and helpful suggestions to customer queries. Sidekick learns from your tickets and interactions. It never suggests pointless replies, enabling you to reduce your AHT.

No sticker shock
No sticker shock

Self-service that’s light years ahead

Zendesk bots are painful to build and fail to reach any meaningful self-service rates. Most customers we spoke with had single digit rates and customers were frustrated with their bots.

We took inspiration from Amazon’s My Account section and created a novel self-service portal that delivers 40-70% resolution rates.

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No sticker shock

Not ready to migrate from Zendesk?

If you want to use Richpanel self-service with Zendesk - you can! No need to train your agents on a new tool. Integrate Richpanel on your website. And route unresolved queries to your Zendesk instance.

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Better product, even better pricing

We made Richpanel affordable for businesses of all sizes.


Q: When is Zendesk better for my use case?

Zendesk is a horizontal product and can be used by any business. Richpanel is purpose built for Ecommerce. If you are an Ecom business - Richpanel is way better!

If your business is any other than ecommerce - take Zendesk. Richpanel should not be in your consideration set. Also check out Intercom, Freshdesk and Help Scout if you are a SMB business with less than 1,000 employees or less than 100 agents. If you are looking for an enterprise solution and have more than 100+ agents, check Saleforce Service Cloud and Sprinklr.

Q: Why haven’t I heard about you guys?

We are newer, founded in 2020. And I’m not a great marketer. I’m learning. I intend to publish more, do more marketing this year. We have an exciting year planned which includes making cutting-edge free tools, publish genuinely helpful content and do more case studies. That’s how we’ll earn your trust. You will hear about Richpanel more often now!

Q: How many people use you vs Zendesk?

Zendesk is the grand daddy of all Help Desk solutions :) As per builtwith, they have 243K installs! They were sold for $10B to a private equity firm in June. Funny story - they rejected an offer of $17B in February. The CEO didn’t want to sell and I respected his decision. He was forced by his investors. So you have to be very very careful who you take money from. I digress!

And Richpanel has 1,823 sites as of this writing. I hope to tripe that number in 12 months.

P.S: Builtwith is a crawler that crawls website to detect the technologies the website is using. You can put any competitor URL there and see what tech they use :)

Q: Is 40-70% reduction realistic?

Yes! Amazon has done it using their My Account Section. Uber has done it using their help center. You can edit/cancel/return orders in Amazon. You can even manage subscriptions and Kindle books on the My Account section of Amazon. Richpanel gives you similar capabilities on your site.

Q: How long does it take to set this up?

Around 1 week. Your account comes loaded with defaults that will suffice most common use cases like order tracking, returns, cancelations, order edits. But you’ll need to configure your policy, return windows, integrations, train your team on a new tool. So it takes a week to set up and running.

Q: What does Zendesk have that you do not and working on it?

You! We don’t have you as a customer. We are great at what we do. We have an awesome product and even better team to support you. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business. Book a demo with my team here. I join around 20 demos per week. So I hope to speak with you !

Customer service teams love Richpanel

Richpanel is used by 2000+ ecommerce merchants on Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. And their customer service teams love Richpanel. Listen to some of them:

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