We believe the future of customer service is ‘Product-Led’.

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Our Story

What’s better than excellent customer support? It’s never having to contact support in the first place!

We started Richpanel to help businesses build experiences that require zero (or almost zero) customer service. This does not mean being unavailable for your customers. But it means that you should be so obsessed with your customers, that you study their experience, every edge case, and build for it. If you think about it you only contact customer service when something breaks or you have an edge case that the app is not equipped to handle. If everything works and does what you expect it to - you will never contact customer service.

The concept may sound far-fetched but it’s very attainable. When was the last time you contacted customer service at Facebook or at Zoom? The big tech companies have been building such experiences for years and that’s how they earn them our customer’s trust & our repeat business. This is what gives them the operating leverage. While other businesses hire thousands of agents, the big tech lets their product do most of the work.

Our product is inspired by the likes of Amazon and Uber. Uber has a dedicated team called ‘Customer Obsession Engineering’ that works exclusively to create product-led support experiences. We are on our way to create better than Amazon/Uber like experiences for all businesses, without needing engineers and without needing weeks to go live.

We chose to start with e-commerce as a vertical and will venture into other verticals eventually. Our founders share between them 30+ years of E-commerce context and have been at the forefront of every innovation and pivot that this industry has seen from the origins of eBay to now co-founding Richpanel. 

We are gathering like-minded folks across the globe who resonate with our vision to help us build on it and fine-tune it every single day. We are a distributed global team and we take pride in building an organization where everyone strives to put in their ‘life’s work’ at Richpanel.

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