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1. About Richpanel:

Richpanel is a customer experience platform trusted by 2,000+ ecommerce brands like Petlab, Snow, Thinx, Protein Works.

We're pioneering a transition from agent-led conversations to AI-powered interactions, aiming to disrupt the $260B+ BPO market. Our goal is to make customer support effortless, instant, and high-quality.

We helps merchants create 'Amazon-like' experiences that reduce ticket volumes, help agents be more productive and help shoppers get instant resolutions.

Every once a while comes an invention that completely disrupts previous ways of doing business. We at Richpanel are working on leveraging AI to fundamentally change how customer service is done we are doing this with fully autonomous through AI agents that learn from their human counterparts and are designed for human-like conversations.

We have raised a 2.5 million seed round from Sequoia and we are profitable. We are a team of 30 employees who enjoy working at Richpanel because we pay well and you get to work with some of the smartest people in the industry.

2. Why are we hiring for this role?

We've achieved strong product-market fit, high retention, and impressive net revenue retention. We are ready to scale out GTM efforts. That's where you come in.

You’ll establish our marketing foundation, generate top of funnel pipeline, and helping us build a GTM strategy. You will be reporting directly to the CEO and collaborating with the Founders Office.

We have a strong win rate. We believe that if we can build an engine to get demos, we can scale.

You will lead these efforts, have the opportunity to build a team, and grow as a leader within the company.

3. Key Responsibilities

  • GTM Strategy: You’re a first-principles thinker who can develop a repeatable and scaleable GTM engine. You will set goals, plan, and prioritise across all areas of marketing.
  • Product Marketing: Become an E-commerce expert, master the industry and our key personas: founders, head of CX, and support teams.
    • Conduct in-depth audience research, create detailed buyer and user profiles, and craft compelling messaging that resonates.
    • Own product launches from start to finish, driving adoption and buzz.
    • Collaborate with sales to develop persuasive enablement materials.
  • Content Marketing:  Tell the Richpanel story by developing and executing a content strategy that creates an impact. Own the content calendar and release high-quality, content that grows the Richpanel brand and nurtures potential customers across channels.
  • Growth Marketing: Launch, track, and optimize programs/campaigns across multiple channels to move prospects and customers down the funnel.
    • Website: Set up proper tracking, create landing pages, follow SEO best practices, and run A/B tests to improve our website’s conversion rates.
    • Partnerships & Customer Marketing: Develop relationships with partners and customers that help us achieve goals
  • Build our marketing ops infrastructure: We do not have all of our tools, processes, and workflows built out yet. You will need to help us figure out what works, test, and scale our tooling. We have a marketing ops person in our team today.
  • Marketing team management & hiring: Plan for future hiring, and hire marketers who are passionate about driving growth and telling our story.

4. What does success look like in this role?

As our first Marketing hire, we understand that you'll bring specific expertise and perspective to shape the role. While we have some initial ideas, we're open to your input on what success looks like in the first 30, 60, and 90 days. That being said, here are some potential indicators of success:

  • Developing a deep understanding of our product, ICP, and industry
  • Establishing a strong foundation for our marketing strategy and messaging
  • Launching initial marketing campaigns with clear metrics for success
  • Creating a content strategy and executing a few high-quality content pieces
  • Collaborating with the sales team on sales enablement materials
  • Driving interest and adoption through successful product launches
  • Continuously experimenting, learning, and refining our marketing efforts
  • Lastly, all these efforts lead to an increase in the number of demos and the pipeline. We have a strong win rate. We believe that if we can build an engine to get demos, we can scale.

Ultimately, success in this role means establishing Richpanel as a well-known and respected brand in our market, while driving revenue growth.

5. What are we looking for?

  • 5+ years of PMM and/or growth marketing experience
  • Fanatic researcher. You are excited to go and learn a new industry inside and out.
  • Strong storyteller. You can make a complex idea sound simple.
  • Passionate about content. You understand how to create, repurpose, and distribute content to generate demand that leads to customer acquisition.
  • Data-driven and analytical
  • Excellent writing, editing, and communication skills. Nothing you write sounds like ChatGPT
  • Breadth in all areas of marketing, depth in at least two of these areas: product marketing, corporate or content marketing, growth marketing
  • High quality bar. You've developed marketing strategies and tactics that put the customer first and understand how to hit revenue goals at the same time.
  • Scrappiness and experimentation mindset. You're comfortable rolling up your sleeves since we are still an early-stage company.

Note: We miss 100% of the shots we don’t take, if you feel strongly that you have what it takes for this role but don’t check 100% of the boxes - that’s okay - we encourage you to apply anyway and highlight what you can bring to the table.

6. Hiring and Interview Process

  • Round 1: You'll speak with Rahul from the Founders Office. This conversation will center on your previous work experience, what sets you apart, your reasons for choosing Richpanel, and your motivations. The goal is to assess whether you're a good fit for Richpanel and vice versa.
  • Round 2: Conversation with the CEO.
  • Round 3: Assignment: Next, we'll provide an assignment which won't take more than 6-10 hours. This is your opportunity to showcase your commitment and work style. It's also a chance for us to see how well your skills and experience align with the role. We put considerable effort into crafting our job descriptions to ensure success for both parties involved, and this assignment is a critical part of that process.

Our hiring process usually takes around 20 days, starting from your first interview to when you get a job offer. Rahul from the Founders Office will keep in touch with you during this time to make sure you know what's happening next.

7. Benefits and Perks

  • Competitive Salary
  • Remote - Work from the beach or your living room
  • Competitive equity options with a friendly vesting period.
  • Generous vacation policy.
  • Maternity and Paternity leaves.

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