All channels, one inbox

Manage email, live chat, SMS, phone, Facebook, Instagram and reviews from one inbox

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live chat
Live chat

Drive more sales with live chat

Shorten the time to convert your customers by having agents ready to assist.

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customer timeline

See all conversation history in one timeline view

Customers may contact you from multiple channels but will never have to repeat themselves. Agents can see all their communication history across all channels in one place.

social media monitoring

Engage customers before they come to your website

Increase the reach and effectiveness of your ads. Respond to customer’s comments and DMs on Instagram and Facebook.

"We previously used both Gorgias and Zendesk and Richpanel blows them out of the water. Not only is the interface much cleaner, but the functionality and reporting are more robust."

James Oliver, CEO

Remove the clutter from your inbox

Tired of manually closing irrelevant emails? Activate the Spam Filtering Bots that keep promotional messages, transactional updates and flagged emails out of the main inbox.


Integrate Richpanel with your favorite apps

Connect apps like Klaviyo, Attentive, Postscript, Yotpo, Okendo and more to centralize SMS replies and reviews in the same inbox.

sms channel

Continue the conversation, even after they leave the site

IOS does not allow any chat app to send notifications to the browser. Which means customer will never find out if the agent has replied. Richpanel attempts to convert all mobile chats to an SMS conversation.

“The self-service rates easily surpass the rates we have seen with other popular tools. We’ve automated 60% of tickets coming via our website, help center and live chat.”

Alice Warren, VP of Customer Intelligence

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Manage email, live chat, sms, phone and social media from one place.

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Agent Console

Resolve tickets faster with order data and personalized customer data inside the inbox.

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Connect customers with the right team and agent.

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Automate all redundant work and spend time where it matters.

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Reporting & Analytics

Insights like revenue from support, speed of resolution, popular topics, CSAT, agent performance and more.

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Customer Timeline

Get a unified view for all order, conversations and website visit history

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Find out how Richpanel can drive down tickets, reduce agent workload and help you get more sales through customer service.

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