Every business is unique, so should your self-service

With the Richpanel no-code builder, you can automate the most complex situations and make them self-serviceable.

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custom flow

Start with a library of templates

We curate a number of self-service use cases from other brands in the template library. You can use these for your business or use them for inspiration.

Automate any use case you can think of

Warranty claims

Customers like Red Cat racing help users register for and make warranty claims via self-service.

Damaged items

Customers like TheProteinWorks ask users to give reason codes for each damaged item which is then reported to “xyz authority”

Lead generation

Customers like Outlet group collect leads for bulk orders and qualify them before routing to agents.

Cancelation for pre-orders

Convert refunds to exchanges by giving customers exciting offers.

Troubleshooting guides

Customers like Bumpboxx help customers troubleshoot their bluetooth device with how-to videos

Your use case here

Use Richpanel’s nested flows, conditional if-then statements and dynamic forms to create any flow for your business.

nested flows

Drag and drop flow builder

Build any number of nested flows to get to the root of the issue, collect relevant info and direct users to resolution.

My orders

Collect any kind of data

Create custom fields including attachments, checkbox, drop-down. Route customers to the right answer or team based on their inputs.

Explore other capabilities

Order Management

Help customers add/remove items, change shipping address with a Self-Service interface.

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return box
Returns and Exchanges

Integrate Returnly, Loop, Aftership, etc. to allow customers manage returns and exchanges inside Self-Service portal.

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Branded Help Center

Deploy a branded FAQ Help Center in minutes.

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Agent Hand off

Collect contextual data based on situation before agent hand off.

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customer workflows
Custom Workflows

Design custom flows to automate scenarios unique to your business.

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Subscriptions Management

Let customers edit and change subscriptions from the Self-Service portal

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