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May 26, 2023
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Richpanel Named Momentum Leader In G2’s Winter Report 2023

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Richpanel outplays competitors across multiple key factors such as Time to Go Live, Ease of Setup, Ease of Use, Quality of Support, etc. and by delivering ROI at least twice as fast as competitors. 

It’s another quarter, and our customers have shared their verdicts. Richpanel has become one of the highest-rated customer service software in the Helpdesk, Livechat, & Customer Self-Service categories in G2’s 2023 Winter Report. 🥳

For the uninitiated, G2 is a software review site and technology marketplace that hundreds of thousands of working professionals trust for buying & evaluating software. G2 releases a quarterly report across varied categories ranking software based on multiple parameters based on user-driven reviews. 

But before we dive into further details of Richpanel’s accolades, let’s ask ourselves:

What is an Accurate Measure of a Product’s Success?

Before you say revenue, it is an excellent lagging indicator because all businesses are here to solve a customer’s problem and earn money. So it’s natural to assume that the company with the most money has the best product, and it’s true in some cases. 

But revenue is an indicator of a successful business model and not an accurate reflection of the product or the ability to solve the user’s problems. 

Revenue is also a lagging indicator, and many factors like business model, product direction, target market, and go-to-market motion must be aligned to experience rapid growth. 

Crack anything really well, and you’d still be successful even if the others are mediocre. While this is good for building businesses, it’s not optimal for users trying to evaluate a product or service. 

The problem with revenue as an indicator of product success, is that by the time you’re losing it, it’s probably too late.” — Todd Olson, CEO, Pendo

According to FirstMark on HackerNoon, the 5 critical measurements of a product’s success are: 

  1. Breadth of Use - How many people use your product?  
  2. Frequency of Use - How often are they using it? 
  3. Depth of Use - How many features are being used? 
  4. Usability - Are they finding it easy to use, are they using it correctly & quickly as possible?  
  5. Satisfaction - Does it meet their needs? Are they satisfied with the results? Are they willing to recommend you?

So these factors will give you a better understanding of the product’s capabilities, irrespective of the size of the business. 

G2’s philosophy is also very similar in measuring the success of a product and ensuring that they provide an unbiased opinion of a product & a business’ ability to solve their customer’s problems. 

Among these factors, frequency and depth of use are not too significant for evaluating software, as each business’s needs differ. 

But apart from Usability, Satisfaction & Product Adoption, a few other factors are necessary for an end user, such as time to implementation & ROI. 

10 Different Factors that G2 Analyses Against Each Product

1.  Ease of Setup, 

2. Time to Go Live, 

3. User Adoption 

4. Likely to Recommend, 

5. Ease of Business, 

6. Quality of Support

7. Ease of Use, 

8. Ease of Admin, 

9. Meets Requirements, 

10. Time to ROI 

These 10 Factors are Grouped into 4 Parameters: 

4 parameters which are some of the most important aspects in evaluating a product

Implementation Relationship Usability Results

Ease of Setup, Time to Go Live, User Adoption 

Likely to Recommend, Ease of Business, Quality of Support 

Ease of Use, Ease of Admin, Meets Requirements, User Adoption 

Time to ROI, Meets Requirements, Likely to Recommend, User Adoption, Time to Go Live

Richpanel’s Results 

Thanks to the information provided by our customers, Richpanel is super proud to share that our product has outscored many of our biggest competitors like Gorgias, Gladly, Kustomer, Re:Amaze, Zendesk, HelpScout, etc. individually and on average across multiple categories - Helpdesk, Self-Service, Live Chat, etc. in the customer service space. 

Parameter Richpanel’s Avg Scores Competitor Average

Ease of Setup



Time to Go Live

18 Days

41 Days

User Adoption



Likely to Recommend



Ease of Business



Quality of Support



Ease of Use



Ease of Admin



Meets Requirements



Time to ROI

6 months  

12.62 months

It came as no surprise to us that Richpanel’s Time To Go Live & Time to ROI is only half that of the other players in the market. 

These are a few significant data points that we’ve always heard from our customers who’ve switched from Zendesk, Gorgias, Gladly, Re:Amaze, & Kustomer.

These achievements have led us to gain multiple badges across the 4 parameters mentioned above - Implementation, Relationship, Usability, & Results.

We’re happy to be announced as a momentum leader and a high performer in customer service. Making us the momentum leader for 5 quarters straight 🔥. 

G2 rating

Here’s What our Customers had to say About us on G2

I love that the functionality is extremely user-friendly and designed in a way that makes training simple. - Ian L. Customer Experience Manager

"Great experience so far! Switched from Zendesk. The customer care we've received has been amazing.” - Jacklyn L, COO, Passion Planner 

"Fastest Customer Service you will find out there!" - Necia Davis, Healthy Gut

"The best CRM I've used. Believe me! If you want the best CRM, Richpanel is a highly recommended one. “ - Christian Paul, WatchPilot

"Nimble, Radical Solution for Efficient, Consistent Customer Support" - Thea Lopatka, CEO, UMAi Dry 

"RICHPANEL- Best Software We Have Purchased This Year!" - Victoria Shanley, Director of Operations, Frenchie Bulldog 

With businesses taking a closer look at their technology investments in current economic scenario, it’s important to choose a product that improves your efficiency while providing the most bang for your buck. 

For us at Richpanel, the focus has always been making customer service seamless & efficient for fast-growing e-commerce & DTC brands without having to scale their teams in proportion to their revenue. 

We believe in effortless customer service through zero-touch resolutions, thereby getting rid of the endless backlog of tickets for your agents and providing a best-in-class experience for your customers. 

We hope that the next time you evaluate a customer service CRM for your e-commerce business, you stop to consider all of these factors before choosing what’s right for your business.

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