Make sense of it all with actionable insights

Understand performance across teams, channels and topics. Uncover opportunities to optimize operations, training or tech setup.

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Go live in 72 hours. Zero cost trial

CX insights, built for ecommerce

Richpanel gives you instant insights that can help you make your CX better- no research required.

Built for Ecommerce

Go beyond traditional support metrics and see how CX is helping your ecommerce stats like conversion rates and revenues via live chat.

Improve agent and rep productivity

Uncover areas of development for your team.

Understand your customers

Learn how customers interact with your brand and how they rate your service.


See how CX influences revenues

Incentivise team members when they convert conversations to purchases. Measure metrics like CX influenced revenue, time to purchase and conversion rates.


See why customers contact you

See what queries create most tickets and design self-service flows to automate them.

“The self-service rates easily surpass the rates we have seen with other popular tools. We’ve automated 60% of tickets coming via our website, help center and live chat.”

Alice Warren, VP of Customer Intelligence

Measure CSAT and collect feedback

Richpanel helps you collect CSAT across all channels with intelligently timed surveys that gets up to 2x more response rates.

Explore other capabilities


Manage email, live chat, sms, phone and social media from one place.

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Agent Console

Resolve tickets faster with order data and personalized customer data inside the inbox.

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Connect customers with the right team and agent.

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Automate all redundant work and spend time where it matters.

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Reporting & Analytics

Insights like revenue from support, speed of resolution, popular topics, CSAT, agent performance and more.

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Customer Timeline

Get a unified view for all order, conversations and website visit history

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Find out how Richpanel can drive down tickets, reduce agent workload and help you get more sales through customer service.

Schedule a demo today and have our team walk you through the platform. For a test drive of Richpanel, we’ll set up everything during your trial period- including self-service flows, automation rules and assignment logic.