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1. About Richpanel:

Richpanel is a customer support platform trusted by 2,000+ ecommerce brands. We are backed by Sequoia and the total GMV of all merchants on our platform is over $2B+.

We are a team of 30 employees with a Glassdoor rating of 4.5 (as of Feb 2023). You can read the reviews here. In a nutshell people love Richpanel because we pay well and you get to work with some of the smartest people in the industry.

1.1. What are we building:

We believe that the future of customer service is no service. We predict that the $260B+ BPO market will cease to exist in just a few years, and Richpanel aims to pioneer this transition.

Every once a while comes an invention that completely disrupts previous ways of doing business. Example: Digital directories made the entire yellow pages & printed directory industry obsolete. LLMs and AI will disrupt a large number of industries including customer service.

We at Richpanel are working on leveraging AI to fundamentally change how customer service is done. We believe our tech will be the beginning of the end of the contact center business.

  • Support will no longer dependent on the agent you get that day
  • Support calls will have zero wait times
  • Support will be effortless, will be instant, will be high quality!

We help businesses build brands that provide truly great customer experiences, no matter their scale. We help businesses provide the support they are proud of!

2. Why are we hiring for this role?

We have a product that delivers great value and provides it fast. We have a very high win rate (40%) for every deal we participate in. Which is a testament to our tech (read G2 reviews) and while we will continue to improve the product, our biggest challenge today is Go-To-Market fit. Not many people are aware of us.

Our objectives are simple, just like most SaaS companies:

2.1. GTM objectives:

  1. Consistently get in front our ICP
  2. Consistently close deals with our ICP

2.2. Product objectives:

  1. Consistently deliver value with least amount of effort
  2. Consistently retain our customers

As of today, this is how we’d rate our effectiveness at each of these objectives.

Objective Self-assessment score
1. Consistently get in front our ICP 2/10
2. Consistently close deals with our ICP 4/10
3. Consistently deliver value with least amount of effort 8/10
4. Consistently retain our customers 9/10

You will be helping us with the second objective of consistently closing deals with our ICP and help us improve our win rate. You will directly contribute to refining and executing our sales strategy. You will be directly reporting and working with our CEO.

You will have the opportunity to make a significant impact on our sales success, driving the growth of Richpanel by effectively engaging with leads, conducting demos, managing onboarding calls, and nurturing customer relationships for continued success.

3. Key Responsibilities

  • Demo and Onboarding Calls: Manage 4-5 new demos weekly and conduct 5-7 onboarding calls to assist brands in setting up and going live with Richpanel successfully.
  • Lead Management: Handle both Product-Led Growth (PLG) and Sales-Led Growth (SLG) leads, managing an average of 10-15 free trial signups weekly in addition to demos.
  • Sales Cycle Management: Take responsibility for the complete sales cycle from first contact to close, including some account management for large accounts to ensure value realization and minimize churn.
  • CRM and Tech Stack: Utilize tools like Hubspot, LinkedIn, Notion and Avoma daily to maintain good CRM hygiene and facilitate reporting.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with internal teams to ensure clients and prospects have a great experience during the trial and after signing up.
  • Sales Strategy and Feedback: Participate in daily meetings with the leadership team to discuss sales updates, identify areas of improvement, and contribute to refining the sales strategy based on feedback and performance metrics.

4. What does success look like in this role?

1-month success:

  • Fully onboarded and familiar with Richpanel’s product suite and company culture
  • Started conducting customer demos and onboarding calls, with a good grasp of the common challenges faced by ecommerce brands in customer support

3-month success:

  • Consistently managing 4-5 demos and 5-7 onboarding calls weekly, with a solid pipeline of leads progressing through the sales cycle
  • Demonstrated improvement in CRM hygiene and effective use of sales and productivity tools
  • Contributed to internal discussions on sales strategies and customer feedback

6-month success:

  • Noticeably increased the conversion rate from demos and free trials to closed deals
  • Established strong relationships with key accounts and contributed to reducing churn among large accounts

5. Hiring and Interview Process

  • Round 1: Assignment - Showcase your approach to engaging with potential clients and managing the sales cycle.
  • Round 2: Conversation with Rahul from the Founders Office about your previous work experience, what sets you apart, your reasons for choosing Richpanel, and your motivations.
  • Round 3: Assignment Review and Final Round with the CEO.

Our hiring process usually takes around 20 days, starting from your first interview to when you get a job offer. We will keep in touch with you during this time to make sure you know what's happening next.

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