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May 26, 2023
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Richpanel awarded for 'Great User Experience' by FinancesOnline

Amit RG
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Richpanel Commended as an Efficient Help Desk & Ticketing Software by an Independent Platform for SaaS Reviews

Understanding the context behind each customer engagement is a great way to provide more personalized conversations. This is why Richpanel was designed to centralize all customer data across various channels and enable agents to manage all client engagements without transferring from one platform to another. Software review platform FinancesOnline witnessed this first-hand after they inspected all available Richpanel features. Impressed with their experience, they consider us as one of the help desk software after observing that it is quite capable of provide a seamless and enjoyable experience to both users and their clients.

Effortless client engagement on selected channels and an easily accessible unified view of all customer actions and behavior are some of the standout Richpanel features, according to FinancesOnline’s review team. They also found it effortless to work with fellow team members through our collaboration tools, stating that our functionalities “allow teams to collaborate painlessly to create seamless and enjoyable experiences for their clients.”

FinancesOnline also underscored our custom dashboards for filtering the essential insights that matters to users, thus making it one of the top help desk for small business. “The software’s powerful analytics goes through all the data and discover opportunities that you just can’t find with other systems,” wrote FinancesOnline. They concluded, “Armed with reliable business insights, making smart decisions is no longer a complicated process.”

This glowing recommendation from FinancesOnline came with two shiny awards: Great User Experience Award for 2018 and Rising Star Award for 2018. The Great User Experience and Rising Star award highlights our impressive overall design and positive traction with clients, respectively.

We encourage our clients to leave a user review on FinancesOnline so everyone can hear your thoughts about Richpanel.

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