Order Management

Let customers manage their orders

Customers don’t need to “raise a ticket” to make edits to their Amazon order, change the shipping address, or if they forget their coupon code. Give your customers the same experience on your website.

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order management
smart defaults

Defaults that cover common use cases out of the box

Every Richpanel account comes with pre-loaded defaults that will work for 80% of the ecom use cases. Get set up in minutes.


Automate “where is my order” tickets

30% of tickets in ecommerce are related to shipping status, which can be completely automated with Richpanel’s order tracking capabilities.

Live shipping status
Delivery estimates
Delayed shipments

No one came close to what this system could do for us! Our volume ended up decreasing by 55%. You can showcase different questions and provide different replies if the order contains a specific SKU, a specific tag, if the order is fulfilled/unfulfilled, and so much more….

Vilus Lakstutis, Head of Customer Service
time windows limits

Set limits and time-windows for every order action

Want to allow order edits but only for 15 mins? Set a time limit and eligibility condition for edit, cancel, change ship address.

shopify intigration

Out-of-the-box integration with Shopify APIs

Order management is completely integrated with Shopify APIs. Supports order edits, cancelations and refunds out of the box. No developer intervention required.

custom apis

Use APIs to integrate with systems of your choice

Build custom APIs to make it work with a cart platform of your choice, take actions on your RMA, OMS, etc.

Example use cases:
Put an order on hold in your OMS
Add a custom tag to an order
Issue a gift card
Upgrade/Downgrade a subscription

Explore other capabilities

Order Management

Help customers add/remove items, change shipping address with a Self-Service interface.

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Returns and Exchanges

Integrate Returnly, Loop, Aftership, etc. to allow customers manage returns and exchanges inside Self-Service portal.

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Branded Help Center

Deploy a branded FAQ Help Center in minutes.

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Agent Hand off

Collect contextual data based on situation before agent hand off.

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Custom Workflows

Design custom flows to automate scenarios unique to your business.

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Subscriptions Management

Let customers edit and change subscriptions from the Self-Service portal

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