How Brute Force Training Automated 69% of Tickets & Improved Agent Productivity with Richpanel.

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Brute Force Training Customer Service Case Study
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Brute Force Training used to see upwards of 2000 tickets a month. They work with government agencies and individuals, so queries predominantly come in via email, with a significant portion coming through via calls, along with some volume on live chat & social media. 

With their volume skyrocketing during new product launches or any sale events, it became challenging to handle tickets switching between various platforms - looking into Shopify for customer info and Ordoro for inventory & fulfillment related info.And to do this while ensuring perfect coordination and communication between multiple teams, such as Customer Care, Social Media & Marketing, Warehouse & Logistics, etc., was a nightmare for the team at Brute Force training.


Brute Force Training realized they wouldn’t be able to provide timely resolutions to their customers and prospects with their setup. So they set out to level up their customer experience, after evaluating various tools they chose Richpanel. 

Empowering Customers to Reduce Ticket Volume

With the help of Richpanel, Brute Force Training’s CX team identified repetitive queries that can be solved by the customer themselves without agent intervention at least for the most part. 

Self-serve flows were set up in Richpanel’s self-serve widget for queries like “Where is my Order?”, editing order/shipping details, and warranty claims. 

They also configured FAQs for warranty claims within the widget so that customers had the necessary context in one place and didn’t have to jump through multiple webpages to get answers.

Brute Force Training also had a mobile app through which their customers could receive training plans,  and a significant volume of tickets were from customers requesting a password reset for their mobile app account.

By setting up a customised flow on the self-serve widget, the support team was able to eliminate these tickets which would’ve otherwise clogged the support queue and achieve almost 70% automated resolutions for order tracking, password reset and warranty claim related queries. 

Improving Agent Efficiency

Brute Force Training recognised that improving agent efficiency was important irrespective of fluctuations in ticket volume and agent’s capacity.

Richpanel was able to bring in customer and order details from Shopify so that the agent had all the necessary context right at their finger tips while answering a support ticket. 

And Richpanel’s robust integration with Shopify enabled agents to make order edits, refunds, cancellations directly within the Richpanel app without having to log in to Shopify to make these changes separately. Agents were able to answer all tickets directly within Richpanel, regardless of the channel it came through - Facebook, Instagram, Email, Website Live Chat, etc. This eliminated the need for agents to switch between multiple tabs on their browser and with customer info also available, they were able to deliver instant replies.

By setting up Macros & Power Replies for common scenarios, agents didn’t have to draft their response from scratch and this further improved their productivity. Brute Force Training was able to bring down their Median Resolution Time to less than a minute through Richpanel and improve their CSAT to 96%.

Agent-Friendly Support

Richpanel makes collaborating with other teams very simple and quick. Christy from Brute Force’s Support team is able to loop in the CEO or other members in private notes for any queries she needs help answering.

One of the few things that made Christy fond of Richpanel is the app’s ease of use & the quality of support. Unlike other customer support apps that usually take a while getting used to, she found Richpanel’s user interface simple and intuitive. The shorter learning curve helped her to get onboard and answering questions in just a few hours.

Richpanel puts everything together in one spot so you don't have to flip between multiple apps to find out information about customers. - Christy Roberts, CS, Brute Force Training

Founded in 2009, Brute Force Training is based in Denver, Colorado, USA. Brute Force offers a versatile range of training equipment and has grown to be the authority in Unstable Load Training. Brute Force Training is Veteran owned and operated and has a long history serving the US Military, Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS communities.

Denver, Colorado, USA.
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"Richpanel is pivotal in helping us improve our repeat customer rate. You want to retain customers for 5-10 years in the long term. You want to give them a great CX with quick and satisfying answers. Richpanel makes this a reality."