The Frenchie team reduced their ticket volume by half, the moment Richpanel Went Live!

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Tickets closed with self-service
Automated resolutions
What really sold me was the team behind the software. Throughout our entire journey, Richpanel has always been within our reach to address any concern, offer advice, and make sure we were set up for success.


Frenchie specializes in a niche pet accessory for the french bulldog. The company started to resolve issues with universal harnesses and collars that were not a good fit for the french bulldogs. They have served over 500,000 proud pet owners with their colorful selection of printed collars & leashes.

Serving passionate customers takes patience and effort. The support team received queries about their products and orders from emails, Instagram comments, and phone calls. This meant that support agents had to manage multiple channels . The team needed software that puts all these in one place for them in an easy, comprehensible, and eye-pleasing manner.

As sales increased, more and more customer queries started coming their way. The team saw that most of these were product-related or order-related, and their time was wasted answering repetitive questions.

Frenchie stumbled upon Richpanel and saw an opportunity to resolve all their problems. The only hurdle? They had a big launch coming up in 4 days! They migrated to the platform in 30 minutes. Richpanel’s customer success team helped them set up and learn all features to ensure their agents were prepared to use the program on launch day.


24x7 support to all channels

Frenchie did not have a tech lead or a project manager in 2020 but wanted an advanced and capable software that was easy to understand by support agents. Their customers would message them around the globe at all hours but they couldn't expand their team to provide instant support to everyone. Managing customer expectations was a challenge since they expected instant responses.

Enter Richpanel. Frenchie and the Richpanel customer success team set up automation rules and self-service flows for their most popular questions. The results: reduced their support tickets by half! Their customers were not given dull, automated responses but were put through a preset, smart interaction flow instead. Customers had a personalized experience all the time.

Support that brings high CSATs

Frenchie understood that a customer service interaction is 4x more likely to lead to disloyalty than loyalty. It was crucial Frenchie provided an exceptional experience every time a customer interacts with their store. Frenchie achieved a CSAT rating of 95% from its customers.

Look no further! Richpanel has everything you need and more. We can feel the weight lifted off of our customer service reps. Instead of hiring more employees, we were able to leverage Richpanel so our agents could better handle the workload and also make work enjoyable for them!
Victoria Shanley
Director of Operations and Marketing
Staring at screens all day and the back and forth between other programs is exhausting and time-consuming, so it was important that we find software that was pleasing to the eye and can be our sole source for workflow.

Generate revenue without any agent interaction

What if you could build multiple revenue channels within your business? What if there can be a setup where revenue is generated without spending on customer acquisition cost, or marketing expense? Frenchie generates over 1% of its total revenue with Richpanel’s self-service. These are interactions that the customer resolves on her own and involve no human conversations.

Frenchie is a pet accessory store that crafts fun & stylish harness, collar, or leash for your french bulldog.

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Tickets closed with self-service
Automated resolutions
Jonathan Parker
Automated resolutions
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"Richpanel is pivotal in helping us improve our repeat customer rate. You want to retain customers for 5-10 years in the long term. You want to give them a great CX with quick and satisfying answers. Richpanel makes this a reality."