How PDIC used Richpanel to quadruple reorder rates and boosted LTV by 30%

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PDIC’s  CSAT and reorder rates began to suffer when they grew from USD 1.5 to 3 MN in year 3 of operations. Here’s why: PDIC’s 5 person support team had been inundated by a deluge of tickets that left them unable to deliver timely and useful resolutions. Low CSATs and reorder rates were worrying since high customer acquisition, manufacturing, and shipping costs made return customers a crucial source of profitability.

Things came to a head when Jason, their CEO, spent two Christmases in a row responding to unhappy customers. Jason began to consider hiring more agents but this would only heap more pressure on the business's bottom line. He needed a solution that boosted reorder rates, lifetime value, and eventually profitability.

We were looking to transition our customer support team to a system that would be able to reduce our volume by introducing automation and offering our customers self-service potential. We started looking and testing out various different software companies and ended up stumbling upon Richpanel and honestly, this was the best discovery we made so far.


PDIC were quick to see Richpanel’s value. After all they had created a DIY ‘system’ that triaged tickets by having customers self-segment using a combination of email and type forms. This helped them assign tickets to the right agents. As they found out, this was only a small part of what Richpanel offered them.

Options and Responses Personalized by Customer Segment

It’s safe to say the folks at PDIC are Richpanel power-users. They have over 15 different responses to ‘Where is my Order’ alone. A customer sees different responses to ‘Where is my Order’ based on the following segmentation criteria:

  • Shipping status
  • Shipping company
  • Pre-ordered items
  • Product type - Digital vs Physical
  • Order type - Wholesale and Retail

They’ve use similar segmentation for other frequent order-related requests like returns and order edits. Their responses are further personalized with highly contextual yet standard responses that automatically retrieve attributes like customer name, order tracking URLs, and the shipping company directly from Shopify. All this is done without an agent. More importantly, this way customers are not confused by a long list of options. Since even option visibility is segmented by customer context, customers only see relevant options that bring resolutions far sooner than they expect.

Service flows that do agents’ heavy-lifting

PDIC was always keen to reduce its dependence on agents. Richpanel’s custom forms helped them achieve this goal. They now collect data the following data before agents even see a ticket:

  • Contact preferences for further communication
  • Damaged item details
  • Missing item details
  • Incorrect item details

In addition to data collection, they have also set up Richpanel to answer common questions surrounding return policies, processes, subscriptions, discounts, order placement, and wholesale orders.

Retaining customers and Managing subscriptions made easy

Here’s a  few ways PDIC makes revenue generation and customer retention easier for its agents. In less than 2 key stores, using RIchpanel macros, agents can:

Send pre-typed retention messages to subscription canceling customers

Send pre-typed information requests to customers needing assistance with order creation. Agents can follow that up by creating draft orders without ever leaving the Richpanel console using its Shopify integration

Agents use the ReCharge integration to view subscriber data like subscription status, renewal data, and past charges - all next to the agent’s conversation window. They can also complete basic ReCharge actions like canceling transactions, skipping charges, pausing, and resuming subscriptions without ever leaving Richpanel.

Richpanel’s self-service capabilities reduced our tickets by 55%. The possibilities with self-service are endless. You can have multiple, customized answers for the same questions depending on factors like order status, SKU number and so many more!
Jason Kutasi
Founder and Owner

PDIC has multiplied reorder rates 4 times and grown lifetime value by 30%

I'm really, really proud of our customer service team’s achievements. Richpanel’s automated workflows played a big part in achieving those numbers and growing our business. Not to mention all the money they saved us by allowing us to cut our customer service staff in half.

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"Richpanel is pivotal in helping us improve our repeat customer rate. You want to retain customers for 5-10 years in the long term. You want to give them a great CX with quick and satisfying answers. Richpanel makes this a reality."