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May 26, 2023
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Manage Yotpo reviews directly from Richpanel Help Desk Software

Amit RG
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As a Shopify store owner, one of the best free marketing tools you have is your product reviews. Shopify product reviews help you build trust with your customers and get better insights into your product. 

They also work as a great social proof and validate the buying intent of your potential customers. Product reviews are an excellent tool for you to directly interact with your customers! 

The Yotpo app is certainly one of the best shopify reviews apps to easily add reviews to shopify stores and drive traffic. It lets your customers add reviews, photos, ratings etc. to the products they buy from you. Product reviews on Yotpo help you in conversions and are more than likely to boost your sales. 

And this is why we bring you our latest integration with Yotpo which allows you to handle and respond to all your product reviews right from your Richpanel dashboard. 

Here’s how to get started

  1. Head to your Shopify store admin panel, and add Yotpo and Richpanel apps to your store, if you haven’t already. 
  2. Signup and register with both the apps. 
  3. Enable ‘helpdesk integration’ within Yotpo and have the emails sent to your Richpanel helpdesk. 
  4. And you’re ready to manage your reviews!

Your support team and agents no longer have to switch between apps to access and manage your product reviews. It saves them time and effort. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to. 

Your Shopify product reviews show up in your inbox

Every time a customer writes a product review, you will be notified of it in your Richpanel inbox. It appears as a neatly designed card that gives you all the information about the review. 

You will be able to view particulars such as: 

  • Product name and image
  • The rating given by the customer
  • Order number associated with the particular review
  • Full review text
  • Time of review
  • Complete customer attributes

With the full information deck on hand, your support agents are well-informed and can handle the reviews in a more holistic manner. 

Shopify product reviews inbox

You can choose how to moderate the reviews

Your support team can check the review for specifics, deny and remove incorrect reviews or ones with profanities, and post their response.  

They have full control of how the reviews appear on your store page. They can either publish or unpublish a review with just a click, and it’ll be done. They can then post a reply either as a direct message to the reviewer, or as a public reply that appears on your product review page on Yotpo. 

We have also integrated our ‘power replies’ function to the reply window, so that it's easier for the team to insert pre-set responses when needed, instead of typing them out every single time. Yes, we’ve thought of all the little things as well. 

Shopify product reviews inbox

Context cards, so you know how it was managed

Once your agent replies and publishes the review, you can now see a card with the following information:

  • Publish status
  • Whether reply was direct or public
  • Name of agent who handled it
  • Time of the reply and review publishing

This establishes accountability of who acted on the review and how they did it. As a store owner, we’re sure you would want to know that. 

Shopify product reviews inbox

We’d love to set this up for you!

We realize that at the end of the day, customer satisfaction is really important to your business. We also understand that improving the efficiency of your team, wherever possible, massively aids in providing better service and satisfaction to your customers. 

This is exactly why we’ve worked so hard to bring you this latest feature. A win for you is a win for us!

How about we schedule a demo to get you started and see how this cool integration works? We know you’d want to see it live in action. Just click the button below and let’s do this!

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