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March 10, 2023
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Best Shopify Review Apps to Manage Product Reviews on Store

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Last week I was planning a trekking trip and started looking for rucksacks online. 

Within hours, I saw ads for rucksacks and trekking equipment from several eCommerce brands; each offer seemed more lucrative than the last.  And like any other customer, I looked at all the products and compared their pricing, dates of delivery, etc. But when it came down to picking one, I couldn't help but scroll down to the customer reviews on their sites and see if I could trust a new brand. 

This is an experience most online shoppers relate to. Product reviews play an integral role in building trust online. Product reviews also give shoppers on edge the confidence to make a purchase. Shopify is popular because it is the most buildable platform, allowing you to create a custom solution using the numerous Shopify extensions and apps, some of which we will look at in this article. Learn More on Best Shopify Apps to Integrate with your Store to Improve Customer Experience

But before jumping into that, let's start with 

How to Add Reviews to Shopify Store:

Shopify does not have a feature that allows you to add reviews directly to your store. However, you can choose from a wide range of Shopify review apps. Here's how to add them from your Shopify admin panel:

Steps to Add your Preferred Shopify Reviews App to your Store:

  • Select "Apps" in your Shopify admin panel and then select "Customize your Store."
  • Search for your product reviews app on the app store
  • Click on the app to open the app page 
  • Select the "Add App" button
  • Provide all permission for the app to work 
  • Select "Install App"

To Add Reviews to your Shopify Product Pages: 

  • Go to the "Online Store" section and select "Themes."
  • Select the theme you want to use and click "Customize."
  • Pick the most suitable product template for your store 
  • Add the review and review form section and click "Add Section."
  • Select the Reviews app block in the Apps section from the drop-down menu.
  • Click "Save" to display the changes on your store.

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Best Shopify Review Apps to Integrate with Ecommerce Store

1. Yotpo

Yotpo is an excellent eCommerce marketing platform that provides tools to help you manage customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, referral, and SMS marketing. Yotpo provides AI-powered solutions that help monitor, control, and place customer content at crucial conversion points.

  • It helps you collect and leverage reviews and ratings with the help of in-mail technology.
  • Supports advanced automated workflows to create highly personalized SMS and MMS campaigns.
  • It provides Pre-built campaigns and customization options for rewards and referral programs.
  • Allows you to display photos, videos, and reviews of customers across your site to establish trust.
  • Intuitive dashboard & Excellent support

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2. Okendo

Okendo is a customer marketing platform built exclusively for Shopify users. It allows business owners to manage customer-generated content ranging from ratings and reviews to questions and comments. Here are some of its salient features: 

  • Provides critical data and insight points on each website visitor
  • Allows you to monitor reviews and track bad reviews for each product
  • Allows you to generate automated review request emails
  • Combines all the reviews from different sources 
  • Multi-store support
  • Ease-of-use
  • Limited integrations with other apps

3. Product Reviews by Shopify

The product Reviews app allows customers to rate and review your products from your product pages. It is highly customizable and built so that the review blocks will automatically match the look and feel of your website. 

  • Allows you to manage and moderate reviews in bulk
  • Allows you to import and export reviews via CSV
  • Improves SEO rankings as reviews are added to google search results
  • Free & Easy to Install
  • Rudimentary functionalities
  • The interface isn't very intuitive 

4. is a popular reviews management app on Shopify that allows you to collect video, photo, and text reviews automatically. It also helps incentivize their reviews with loyalty points, cash back, and discounts.

  • Automatically request reviews via customizable emails
  • Reward reviews with discounts, points, or cash back
  • Quickly add existing reviews from Facebook and Google to store
  • Verified shopper badges
  • Average rating badge for verified customer reviews
  • Easy content moderation
  • Paid Customizations
  • Poor integration with Shopify 

5. Growave

Growave is a Shopify extension that manages reviews, customer wishlists, Q&A, loyalty programs, referrals, social login, and more. It is an excellent tool for online store conversions and sales due to its multifunctionality. 

Key Features: 

  • It combines multiple features such as Loyalty and Rewards, Reviews, Q&A, Wishlists, Referral programs, Social Login, and Instagram galleries.
  • Allows you to customize from the app's dashboard itself or with the help of their responsive customer support.
  • Seamlessly integrates with tools such as Klaviyo and Omnisend.
  • Easy to set up and use 
  • Competitive Pricing
  • The excellent customer service team
  • Limited integrations and social login choices
  • Rudimentary analytics feature

6. Loox

Much like, Loox emphasizes photo and video reviews to add a layer of credibility to your website. It helps automate several processes, such as sending review request emails and offering discounts to incentivize photo and video reviews. Some of its key features are: 

  • Customize review request emails according to your brand
  • Allows you to share reviews on social media
  • Allows you to import customer reviews from other sites
  • Seamless integration with Google Shopping
  • 24/7 customer support
  • The user interface is clunky and difficult to adapt

7. another Shopify reviews app with customizable email templates for requests and review widgets matching your store's theme; this app keeps your review process on brand while limiting your spending.

  • Allows you to schedule custom review request emails 
  • Share reviews on social media
  • Robust app integrations to manage checks from different sources
  • Use coupons to incentivize reviews
  • Supports 34 languages
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Limited integrations with CRM

8. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a customer review management tool that helps you amplify your online presence by automating your review collection process, gathering customer feedback, and improving organic search results for your online business. 

  • Business Generated Links for reviews 
  • Snippets to embed the Trustpilot reviews
  • Send review invitation links with the Trustpilot email
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Review Flagging
  • Data Protection Concerns

9. Stamped

Stamped is an AI-powered review app that helps you gain valuable insights into product sentiment from your customer reviews. You can collect reviews in various formats like photo, video, Q&A, NPS, and micro-reviews through a custom form that allows you to capture more detailed feedback about your products, like fit and quality. 

  • Automatically request reviews via email and SMS
  • Templates to create retargeting ads with reviews
  • It is optimized for SEO 
  • Robust mobile analytics reporting
  • Allows you to collect micro-reviews at checkout
  • Make product recommendations based on customer history
  • Easy to adapt
  • Long term contracts

Why Should you Use Product Review Apps for your Shopify Store

All in all, using a product reviews app streamlines many of the related sales and service processes while minimizing the effort on your team's end. 

  • Reviews are an essential part of your eCommerce business. They allow you to establish a strong channel of customer feedback and also help establish credibility online. But managing reviews can be time-consuming and restrict your team's productivity without the right tools. 
  • A Shopify reviews app will help you consolidate reviews in different formats (video, text, photos) in one place; they also help you collect more reviews from your costumes. With features like automated emails, a good Shopify reviews app allows you to reach out to more customers. 
  • Another important aspect of using a Shopify reviews app is that it allows you to manage your online reputation and respond to negative reviews faster, be it on any platform- Facebook, Instagram, emails, and more. 
  • Once you receive negative feedback, a Shopify reviews app will make it easier to reach out to the customer, understand their concerns and empower the customer support team to turn a customer's negative experience into a learning opportunity for the business with the proper follow-up procedure. 

Factors to Consider While Choosing Product Reviews apps for Shopify

1. Integration with Helpdesk

Review management is an essential function in your eCommerce business. A reviews app can help you streamline the process, but the true potential of a tool like this can only be unlocked when you use a tech stack that integrates with your app and gives you a 360-degree approach. With deep integrations, you can use CRM data to personalize responses to negative reviews or even analyze customer feedback and automate rewards or follow-ups to improve the customer experience

With deep helpdesk integrations, you can benefit from good customer interactions and ask them for reviews at the right moments. 

Richpanel is a helpdesk software that integrates with several previous review apps. It allows you to send CSAT surveys after every customer interaction and prompts the customer to leave feedback when they rate their interaction highly. This will enable you to tap into an opportune moment and make the most of your customer interactions. 

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2. Features

You should evaluate every Shopify review app to determine which feature set best suits your business needs. Depending on whether you only need to consolidate all your reviews, implement review moderation tactics, reply, boost Review Submission, etc., every tool allows you to approach the process in different ways. 

3. Customization

Customization is crucial before choosing a reviews app for your Shopify business. With customization options, you can ensure your reviews match your brand and website theme.

4. Automation

Automating emails asking for reviews and follow-ups and setting up automated messages thanking customers for reviews and offering discounts or loyalty points for the same can help take the load off your team and streamline the collection and management of your online reviews. 

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5. Search Engine Friendly 

Your Shopify reviews should provide more visibility in terms of SEO. Given that customer reviews mention brand names and many product-related keywords, your reviews app should also support search engine results to provide you with more visibility and social leverage. 

Benefits of Customer Reviews on Shopify / Ecommerce Store

1. Increase Brand Recognition

Your brand should be present as widely as possible online so that buyers know your name, who you are, and what you do. Reviews on numerous websites will help you out and boost your presence naturally. For instance, positive Yelp! Reviews guarantee that your brand appears at the top of the list when buyers search for businesses in your sector.

2. Learn the Customers Language

Reviews are a great way to understand how your product is received and what words best describe it straight from the horse's mouth. You may fine-tune the keywords you employ in your SEO operations by reviewing reviews to reflect your customers' most frequent terms and phrases.

3. Boosts your SEO 

Because customer reviews frequently include keywords, products, and brand names, they can enhance your SEO efforts. This enhances the internet information related to your company and its items.

4. Its the Best Feedback Loop 

You may discover more about your customer's opinions of your business and products by reading reviews. Of course, you should constantly consider every evaluation, particularly unfavorable ones. Negative assessment can reveal much about your business, including how you let down customers, allowing you to adjust your internal procedures.

For instance, it's possible that your client had a negative experience with a team member or that they think your items should have lived up to your promises. Every unfavorable review can educate your company on a valuable lesson and show you how to enhance your goods and services.

5. Increases Conversions

If your products have reviews, new customers will be more likely to buy them, boosting your revenue. Consumers are influenced to purchase your products by social proof through online store evaluations since they can see whether or not other customers like them. Reading favorable evaluations increases the trust of potential clients in your company.

Choose Shopify Review Apps that Integrate with eCommerce Tech Stack

Your Shopify reviews app is bound to have many features and the ability to streamline and automate your review collection process. However, choosing a reviews app with deep integrations with your Shopify store and your tech stack can significantly impact your team's productivity. It allows them to monitor and manage reviews and feedback from various channels, consolidate them in one place, analyze the thoughts and automate the collection of responses or replying to them. 

With deep integrations with other tools in your tech stack, you can accomplish much more with the insights and data you gain from these sources. Imagine being able to pull customer data from your CRM or Shopify store before you answer the review from an angry customer. You will be able to personalize your response, weed out inappropriate reviews, and create a cohesive strategy that accounts for customer interactions across tickets, reviews, and your website. 

FAQ on Shopify Review Apps

What is the Best Review App?

The best review apps should have features like deep integrations with your tech stack, automation tools, and customization options. Some of our top picks are- Okendo, Loox, Stamped, and, 

How do I get more Shopify Reviews?

Reach out to your customers via email, live chat, or even SMS after every positive interaction with your brand. This increases the chance of getting a response and will increase the number of reviews on your Shopify store. 

What is the Product Review Schema?

A product review schema is a markup type that lets you display your eCommerce website's average rating and reviews. You can see the marked-up data when you enter a related search term on the SERP.

How to Manage Negative Product Reviews?

Make sure to follow up on negative reviews, ask for more detailed feedback and ensure you convert a bad experience into a good one by providing discounts, rewards, exchanges, etc., to appease an angry customer. 

How to Import Amazon reviews to Shopify?

Search for the Amazon review import form. Then on the product page, select the reviews you want to import and click on the "import" option to complete the process.

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