Start your Ecommerce Call Center in 20 minutes with Aircall & Richpanel

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June 23, 2022
Ecommerce Call Center

Ecommerce merchants can launch their own call center (integrated with CRM) in minutes

If you are an ecommerce business that's using Richpanel CRM for customer service. You could support your customers via email, live chat, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. And today, we are going to show you how you can use the Aircall integration to add voice channel for customer service.

In this blog post we'll cover how you can start a Ecommerce Call Center and we are going to use these two tools for this setup:

  1. Richpanel: a Customer Service CRM for ecommerce that integrates with cart platforms like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. The CRM stores all your customer data, orders and communications in one central place.
  2. Aircall: a cloud-based call center software that lets you buy or port VOIP phone numbers, set up queues, voicemails, etc. You get a mobile/desktop app for each of your team members. So they can make and receive calls using the app.

How do the two apps work together?

1. See who's calling

Each time your phone rings, Richpanel will display an insights card on the Aircall app. The card shows useful information such as name of the caller, lifetime value, total orders placed, last order date and more.

So your agents have complete context about the caller and don't waste time in collecting caller information.

Caller details on Aircall

2. Automate call logging & notes capture in CRM

Save 10s of hours each week otherwise wasted in logging call notes in CRM. Richpanel automates the process of logging calls and capturing notes for you. Whenever an agent answers a call in the Aircall App, a ticket is automatically generated in Richpanel in real-time. The ticket is then assigned to the agent who answered the call. At the end of the call, the notes taken on Aircall along with the call recording will be logged and attached to the ticket in Richpanel.

 Call recording saved in CRM

3. Create invoices and capture payments

Let your agents close the sale over the phone. With the integration in place, your agents can now create draft orders, send invoices and receive payments from the customer. Here's a 60 second demo of this feature.

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How to set up your Ecommerce Call Center?

The below steps are a guide to start a Shopify Call Center. But similar steps can be used for Magento & WooCommerce too.

  • If you dont already have a Richpanel account, then sign up here. During the setup, you'll be asked to connect your Shopify store and support channels. We support these channels natively - email, Facebook, Instagram & live chat. Estimated set up time is 10 minutes.
  • To add phone, you will need to signup with Aircall. Once you create your account you can port your existing number or buy a new one. Follow the set up steps to set up IVR tree, voicemails and routing rules.
  • Next you can connect the two apps with just 2 clicks. Voila - you have your Shopify Call Center ready. You can now start supporting customers on all channels from one place.

You can refer this guide for detailed installation instructions.

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