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August 3, 2023
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Best Woocommerce Support Ticket System [Top Helpdesk Plugins]

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Woocommerce has emerged as a leading eCommerce platform for midsize and enterprise businesses. The popularity of Woocommerce among business owners results from its offerings, which allow companies to create highly customized websites at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods like creating a WordPress website.  

With its simple model helpdesk aims to offer numerous themes. Woocommerce makes it easier to set up a seemingly complex website without technical knowledge. Its capabilities have empowered business owners to create versatile and attractive websites easily!

Not only does Woocommerce help a business stand out from the competition, but the free plugin and theme economy also help a business find customized solutions for their needs. And since Woocommerce only acts as a platform on which you can add these functionalities, you only end up paying for the customer support plugins you use. 

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At the core, Woocommerce provides businesses with a convenient and cost-effective way to build an independent store presence online.

Importance of a Helpdesk in a Woocommerce Store

woocommerce caters to the needs of the eCommerce industry and provides tailor-made solutions that make it easier to operate an online business. It acts as a platform that offers several essential features, such as inventory management and shipping integrations. 

But what makes Woocommerce unique is its buildability. It provides many free plugins and integrations with extensions and applications that further increase its functionality. These integrations include- payment apps, recommendation apps, and helpdesk software

As an eCommerce business scales, customer service becomes one of the essential functions and assets. It is a revenue channel that helps establish your business as a brand with which customers connect. A support ticket system becomes crucial for any business operating on Woocommerce. 

With all the features and extensions, Woocommerce successfully triumphs over logistics, delivery, and inventory management. A helpdesk provides a 360 approach with all its functionalities. 

It will help improve your customer support experience and make it more efficient. It helps increase agent productivity through technological advancements.

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Factors to Consider when choosing a Helpdesk for Woocommerce

woocommerce supports various app integrations, and selecting the right helpdesk software for your business can be overwhelming. Here are some things to keep in mind when picking a support ticket system:

Woocommerce Integration

While many Woocommerce support ticket systems, not all offer the same level of integration with the platform. A helpdesk aims to boost agent productivity. With the many integrations that Woocommerce supports, there’s ample chance that your support agents keep toggling between multiple windows to answer a simple query. 

Your Helpdesk should have deep Woocommerce integration and other eCommerce apps you use to make your agents’ lives easier. 


Woocommerce is popular because of the flexibility it provides. It is open-source software that allows you to dictate the design and functionalities to suit your needs. Your Helpdesk should follow suit and allow you to customize features and functions to best suit your interests. It may include customizing the periodic reports to show the metrics you value the most or choosing the channels through which you want to provide support.  

Business Goals

Each Woocommerce support ticket system has different offerings and USPs. Although these systems achieve the same goal, they take varied approaches, and for the best results, each business owner should weigh one against the other to decide which one suits their business needs the best. For example, a company that relies heavily on chatbots should look for a ticket system. 


On the surface, a support ticket system optimizes customer support operations to give you higher customer satisfaction rates. However, a helpdesk is an integral part of every eCommerce business owner’s tech stack because it solves some of the most significant issues in the industry- seasonality or demand and high agent churn rate. 

A helpdesk should ideally allow you to scale your customer support operations as the business grows. It should help navigate demand fluctuations and growth without having to hire support agents time and again. 

Essential Features Woocommerce Helpdesk Should Have

Omnichannel Support System

With increasing customer expectations, multichannel support has become the norm. Every business that wants to establish itself as a brand online should provide seamless multichannel support while maintaining brand voice and quality of service across all channels. Your Helpdesk should have omnichannel support features that allow you to centralize customer data and streamline support operations.


In 2011, a survey by Forrester concluded that over 67% of CX leaders think self-service is one of the most essential and profitable customer support channels. Self-service gives customers the power to take matters into their hands and find answers to their queries without contacting a support agent. Discover more on Customer Self Service

Multilingual Support System

Ecommerce is the best way to open your business to a global audience. It allows you to operate without any physical or geographical barriers. To take advantage of a global market, eCommerce businesses should look for helpdesk software that provides support in multiple languages. This makes it easier to attract an audience that doesn’t speak English and expand your online customer base. Learn More on Multilingual Customer Service

Best Woocommerce Customer Support Plugin to Integrate with the Store

1. Richpanel - Woocommerce CRM & Helpdesk:

Richpanel is a leading Woocommerce CRM, and Helpdesk has revolutionized its approach towards customer support.


Richpanel has deep integrations with Woocommerce, and it takes only a couple of clicks to add this extension to your Woocommerce store. What’s better? It accesses customer data to create a comprehensive and centralized customer profile, allowing support agents to make more informed decisions. It also allows you to initiate order actions such as cancellation without leaving the Richpanel window.

Woocommerce Richpanel Helpdesk Integration


Richpanel’s most robust offering is its self-service portal. The portal was designed with giants like Amazon and Uber in mind and aimed to provide the same level of convenience and personalization these marketplaces offer. Customers can find answers to the most common questions and automated answers to redundant customer requests like “where are my order?” through this portal. 

It effectively reduces the number of support tickets by 40-60% and reduces the burden on agents by eliminating redundancy. Richpanel is one of the best solutions for scaling Woocommerce businesses that do not wish to grow their support team size and increase profitability. Explore more on Customer Self Service Portal

Customer Self Service Widget Powered by Richpanel
Customer Self-Service Widget


Richpanel’s reporting feature stays true to its goal of making customer support a revenue channel. It does not rely solely on metrics like average response time but highlights the revenue brought in by customer service. It encourages more meaningful conversations and helps you identify the great work of your customer support team.  

Reporting Dashboard
Reporting Dashboard

2. Zendesk Support for Woocommerce:

Zendesk is one of the leading customer support software available today. Businesses from different industries, such as healthcare and eCommerce, rely on Zendesk for their customer support operations- 

Zendesk Woocommerce Customer Support
Source: Zendesk


Zendesk is designed for various sectors. It offers excellent customizability that allows you to tailor it to suit your business needs. You can choose from a wide array of options and configure the platform in a way that suits you best. However, since Zendesk is not built with eCommerce in mind, the process of configuration and even adapting the platform can be daunting amidst the overwhelming options. You’ll probably need tech support to get it right!


Like the other features of Zendesk, its reporting system has extensive capabilities and is highly customizable. However, it can be tricky to configure and takes time and technical know-how. Learn more on Zendesk Alternatives

Review: 4.7 ⭐ (54 Reviews on G2)


Gorgias is another excellent eCommerce support ticket system that relies on automation to manage support tickets. It does claim to put personalization first and works as a helpdesk software with these features:

Source: Gorgias


Gorgias has an IVR feature that allows you to provide 24*7 phone support with the help of automated messages. If set up correctly, this can help curb ticket volumes and make your customer suppor team more productive. But in reality, this feature leans towards a multichannel approach wherein customers tackle a long prerecorded message and follow a long menu only to find out there are no agents available. When agents contact them again, they must repeat their issue and start the process. It can be frustrating and lead to a bad customer experience. 


Gorgias has a robust routing system that allows you to manage support tickets better and assign them to their designated team. For example- access to damaged items is directed to the agent best suited to solve the issue. Gorgias automates task allotment and makes it easier for CX leaders to utilize their human resources to their full potential. The only problem with this feature is that once the ticket is assigned or routed, another agent cannot access or respond to the support tickets, often increasing the wait time. Learn More on Gorgias Alternatives

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4. Freshdesk for WooCommerce:

Freshdesk is a leading customer support software that acts as an omnichannel customer support system. Here are some of its features: 


WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with all the different Freshdesk solutions, including the Helpdesk and knowledge base. It ensures an efficient system with forum and solution center categories. The deep integration allows you to help your customers create tickets or submit tickets without leaving your store. 

Multichannel Support: 

Freshdesk is an excellent choice for business owners looking to integrate different support channels under one platform. It supports live chat, emails, IVR, phone support, and social integrations making it easy to keep track of a conversation even when the customers switch between different channels for support. 

5. Re: Amaze

Reamaze is a helpdesk and support ticket system that integrates all customer communication channels to improve agent productivity-

Source: ReAmaze

Multichannel support:

Reamaze offers a multichannel ticket system and combines different communication channels like voice, mail, live chat, and social media to create a seamless customer support experience that is streamlined across all channels. It does not integrate with Whatsapp, which is gaining popularity as a support channel. 

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Chatbot feature:

Reamaze has a robust and effective chatbot system that helps reduce ticket volume by automating query responses. Their chatbot, called Cue, aims to use automation to provide faster responses. However, the chatbot sometimes misunderstands customer intent and provides unhelpful replies or information. It frustrates the customers that prefer a human touch over speedy responses. Learn more Chatbot Limitation

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6. Helpscout: 

Helpscout is Woocommerce ticketing system that aims to reduce response time for customer support queries by providing a more effective support ticket system. Some of its most notable features are: 

Ticketing System:

Helpscout has a very intuitive ticketing system that encourages collaboration and increases the support team’s productivity. Helpscout has several useful features, allowing you to organize and prioritize service tickets. It also allows you to create canned responses and a subscription-based notification system for your customers. However, Helpscout can only provide a discrete support system for each channel. It does not effectively merge different support channels and can make it challenging to navigate multichannel support. 


Helpscout has a reporting feature that allows you to track customer satisfaction and other metrics like response time. These metrics can help small business monitor their customer service, but as the team expands, Helpscout may not be able to aid CX leaders. The lack of customization makes it difficult to scale without relying on other tools to monitor the performance and progress of the customer support team.  


Woocommerce is a cost-effective way to create highly customized websites. The extensions and plugins Woocommerce provide only add to its functionality. With the right Helpdesk, you can optimize your customer service and create a customer experience that matches the user experience for visitors on your website. 

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