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May 27, 2023
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ReAmaze Alternatives and Competitors 2023

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ReAmaze is one of the leading helpdesk software that allows a business to integrate customer support and maintain consistency across all communication channels. 

With features such as Live chat, a customer self service portal, and a unified communication hub, ReAmaze aims to improve agent productivity and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction. It primarily acts as a full feature helpdesk. It allows collaborations between team members, helps monitor productivity, and consolidates all support channels to reduce response time and increase efficiency in day-to-day operations. 

ReAmaze offers some great features and acts as a helpdesk software for SMBs but fails to meet the mark regarding other customer service avenues. Many popular ReAmaze alternatives act as CRMs, helpdesk, and customer service software, proving to be far more versatile choices for your customer support agents. 

But before we dive into the ReAmaze alternatives, let us first understand the pros and cons of using ReAmaze:


Reamaze Customer Service Software
Source: ReAmaze

ReAmaze is a customer service software that claims to simplify everyday processes and integrate all communication channels to improve agent productivity. It aims to achieve this goal through the following features:

  • ReAmaze combines email, live chat, video call, social media, mobile SMS, and VoIP
  • Allows you to send automated messages that aim to convert website visitors to customers.
  • You can monitor customers’ browsing activity, shopping data, and geolocation 
  • ReAmaze provides customer data to personalize the customer experience. 
  • Knowledge base which provides answers to FAQs and customized response templates. 

However, it falls short in some other aspects:

  • The interface is not intuitive and takes too many clicks to complete simple tasks.
  • It sends customer satisfaction surveys before the ticket is closed and automatically resolves conversations after a response. 
  • It does not support other popular languages like Spanish 
  • It does not integrate with Whatsapp 
  • The chatbot feature, Cue, often misses the customer intent, and responses may not match expectations.

Due to these reasons, ReAmaze fails to meet the user requirements. Here are some of the best ReAmaze alternatives:

Reamaze Alternatives in 2023: Best Help Desk Software

  • Richpanel
  • Tidio
  • Gladly 
  • Zendesk 
  • Gorgias
  • Kustomer

1. Richpanel:

Richpanel is a customer service software designed to meet the needs of eCommerce businesses. It is a platform that aims to improve the customer experience while delivering an equally good agent experience. Richpanel stands out among other ReAamaze alternatives since it seeks to reduce the number of redundant tickets instead of acting like a ticking management system. Here are some of the critical features of the platform:

Richpanel - Best Reamaze Alternatives
Customer Service Help Desk Dashboard. Signup for Free

Self-Service Portal:

Richpanel has a very intuitive Amazon-like self-service portal that allows customers to take order actions themselves. Whether it is editing, canceling an order, or initiating a refund, Richpanel gives customers the power to solve their issues. It also allows customers to access a customized knowledge base that answers queries without contacting a customer support agent. This is a win-win situation for the customers and your agents as it reduces response time and the workload on your support team. 

For many businesses like Frenchie, using Richpanel has reduced the ticket volume by half. 

Customer Self Service
Customer Self Service Portal by Richpanel. Watch Product Demo

Agent Experience:

Richpanel acts as an omnichannel support hub and a CRM that provides complete customer context while you talk to customers, improving the customer experience significantly. Several collaborative features like private notes and tagging team members in conversations make Richpanel a one-stop solution for agents, who won’t waste time switching between multiple windows to get their work done. 

Customer Service CRM that Improves Agent Experiance
Customer Service CRM Provides Customer Context

Revenue Reporting:

Richpanel has a comprehensive revenue reporting system with an attractive dashboard that helps one understand customer service's bottom-line impact on the organization. It not only helps you drive revenue from customer support but also enables you to track agent performance with metrics like average resolution time. 

This helps CX leaders better understand their operations and help provide informed feedback to their team members. 

Revenue Reporting Dashboard in Customer Service Helpdesk
Comprehensive Revenue Reporting

Best Suited For:

They are growing eCommerce businesses that want to scale their customer support without increasing costs.  Create your Free Account or Request a Demo

Review: 5.0 ⭐ (100 Reviews on Shopify Store)

2. Tidio:

Tidio is a help desk software that aims to centralize customer support through features like live chat and chatbots, making it easier for your customers to contact your support team. It seeks to convert website visitors into customers and streamline communication across all channels. Here are some of its best features:

Source: Tidio

Live Chat:

Tidio helps businesses convert website visitors to customers. The live chat feature allows agents to respond to customer queries in real-time and help improve the shopping experience. With fewer carts abandoned due to lack of information or help, Tidio helps drive revenue through customer service efforts. The only drawback of this feature is that the backend is cluttered, which does little to improve the agent experience overall. 


Tidio’s automated chatbots can drive sales by collecting customer information in real-time, helping drive sales through product recommendations, and sending personalized messages to repeat customers, offering discounts. The feature is excellent for brands that aren’t too concerned about adding a human element to all conversations and would prefer a shorter response time to improve customer experience rather than relying on agents to handle all queries. 

Best Suited For:

Businesses want to unify their communication channels and create a centralized communication hub. 

3. Gladly:

Gladly is a customer support tool that aims to streamline its customer support and bring it under one roof. It primarily provides a centralized communication hub that integrates conversations from live chat, social media, emails, SMS, and phone calls. Here are some of its notable features:

Gladly - Alternatives to Reamaze
Source: Gladly


Gladly aims to drive revenue through customer support. They aim to achieve this by automated chatbots that improve the shopping experience for website visitors. With prompts offering help when the customers spend too much time deciding, saving abandoned carts, and providing real-time answers to queries, the chatbots try to drive sales through the website. Like any other automated feature, the Gladly chatbots fail to emulate the human touch but help businesses impact the overall customer experience. 


Gladly aims to combine automation with customer support to improve response time and provide quick solutions. Businesses lose out on the human element in customer interactions, but this may be a fair trade for those looking to deflect redundant queries. Gladly has an IVR feature that allows you to customize the menu and answer questions even when your support agents are away. 

Best Suited For:

Gladly is built for support teams looking to invest in an end-end support tool focused on IVR, phone support, and robust routing. 

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4. Zendesk:

One of the most versatile customer support tools, Zendesk aims to serve a wide range of industries and hence has many integral features with many customizations that help you achieve the best results for your business. Along with a ticketing system, custom CRM, live chat, here are some of its standout features:

Source: Zendesk

One-Stop Solution:

Zendesk claims to be a one-stop solution for customer support teams providing features that aim to improve the customer experience. Various customizable features such as live chat and self-help portal help create a personalized user experience. Zendesk panders to a larger audience and allows businesses to customize the features to suit their requirements. However, this makes it difficult to configure the software, and as a result, the learning curve is much steeper compared to other ReAmaze alternatives on this list. 

Apart from this, Zendesk provides all essential features as a customer support tool, but to avail of other benefits, the support team needs Zendesk Guide and Zendesk Chat, which increases costs. 

Reporting System:

Like all other features, Zendesk’s customizability is a boon and a curse for CX leaders relying on the reporting system. It does provide insight into the revenue, team performance, and other crucial aspects, however, the reporting system needs ample time to set up, and the configurations can be tedious and time-consuming.  Learn More on Zendesk Features

Best Suited For:

It is best suited for businesses with a tech team that can help them configure the platform to best suit their needs. 

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5. Gorgias:

Gorgias is another great Helpdesk solution and customer service platform. It aims to improve the response time, streamline customer communication and increase agents’ productivity. Here are some of its best features:

Gorgias Customer Service Software
Source: Gorgias

Sentiment Analysis:

Gorgias has an automated sentiment analysis feature. This helps agents better gauge the customer’s moods and offer them a more appropriate solution based on that information. This improves the quality of conversations between customers and agents and supports social media monitoring. 

Ironically, the feature fails to deliver accurate results, often misinterprets sentiments, and needs constant manual oversight.  

Shopify Integration:

Gorgias is built for eCommerce businesses, and they provide deep integration with Shopify. The consistency is not the same with other eCommerce platforms such as Magento or WooCommerce.

Best Suited For:

Gorgias is best suited for eCommerce businesses that want to streamline customer service across all channels.

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6. Kustomer:

Kustomer is CRM and ticketing system that combines all customer support operations and creates a platform with a highly personalized customer experience. You can respond to customer inquiries from multiple channels while viewing the customer history and order details. This improves agent productivity as well. Here is an insight into Kustomer’s key features:

Kustomer Alternatives to Reamaze
Source: Kustomer

Kustomer IQ:

Kustomer can improve agent productivity through its automated chatbot called Kustomer IQ. It is based on a self-learning AI model that studies previous agent responses and replies to customer queries accordingly.

This feature can be a drawback for brands that value personalization and prefer the human element over automated responses. Customers may view the automated responses as a way to deflect queries and would rather talk to a representative even if it takes longer. 

Performance Tracking:

Kustomer allows you to track agents’ performance with metrics like average response time and the number of unique customer conversations each agent has handled. It is highly beneficial for CX leaders who want to increase team productivity.

One of the downsides of the Kustomer reporting system is its inflexibility. The reporting feature has a steep learning curve. The dashboard only gets updated every hour and provides no real-time assessment for CX leaders. These are some of the setbacks of the Kustomer performance tracking feature. 

Best Suited For:

Kustomer is built for businesses wanting to unify their customer support and drive agent productivity by bringing all functions into one window. 

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Choose Your Reamaze Alternative: The Right Customer Service CRM for your Ecommerce Store

ReAmaze is an excellent customer service platform with its benefits and setbacks. If your business wants software that concentrates equally on ticket management, reporting, and other CX operations, there are better-suited Reamaze alternatives for the job:

Kustomer, Tidio, and Gladly have their benefits in terms of automation. But all in all, they aim to simplify ticket management and have the same goals that ReAmaze has, albeit with a slight difference in UI and functionality. 

Zendesk is another leading alternative in space. It can serve many industries, but its versatility leads to a steep learning curve and is a tall order for affordability. 

Gorgias is a great ReAmaze alternative for eCommerce businesses with a deep Shopify integration. However, it does not fare well with other platforms such as BigCommerce. 

Richpanel is another excellent choice for booming businesses that want to scale their customer support while maintaining consistency across all channels. Signup For Free

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