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May 27, 2023
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Best Magento Helpdesk Extension for Seamless Customer Service 2023

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Magento is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms available. 

Designed to act as a robust but buildable system, Magento offers a wide range of capabilities with the added advantage of customizability.

Along with a cart management system, Magento provides a rich list of features that helps streamline all eCommerce operations. It has excellent website templates, ready-to-use marketing, product management, and SEO tools. 

Along with these comprehensive eCommerce capabilities, Magento is also deemed highly for its flexibility. It is an open-source platform that allows businesses to customize their storefront and define the brand image and customer experience. No wonder famous brands like Nike, Lenevo, and Nestle rely on this platform for their D2C eCommerce. 

Magento has done a fantastic job addressing all problems you may face with eCommerce operations like logistics and marketing. However, there is much more Magento can achieve with the right customer service software or Magento helpdesk

It will help you enhance the customer experience and optimize an integral part of your business operations. 

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How to Choose the Right Magento Helpdesk:

Magento is the preferred eCommerce platform because it emphasizes customer experience. It combines reliability with flexibility by providing a highly customizable yet fast and robust system. Your helpdesk should enhance these capabilities and add value to your customer’s eCommerce experience. Here are some things to consider when looking for such a Magento Helpdesk:

1. Customer Experience

Magento helps build high-performance websites with minimal server resources. It equips business owners with high-speed and unique website designs, empowering them to provide the best customer experience possible. Your helpdesk should meet these standards and enhance the customer experience. 

Concerning customer support, you are directly competing with platforms like Amazon that provide a highly personalized and convenient user experience. Their customer portal, also called the “My Account” section, helps the customers solve their issues. Aim for a Magento helpdesk that offers comparable features and functionality, allowing you to compete with the eCommerce giants.

Amazon Customer Accounts
Customer Account Section from Amazon

2. Scalability

Magento’s robustness is one of its greatest strengths. It solves for scalability and supports businesses of all sizes. Whether you have five products or an extensive catalog, Magento meets your demands. The same should be true of your helpdesk as well. With an increasing number of support tickets, your helpdesk should enable you to maintain the quality of customer service across all channels. 

It should empower your agents by automating redundant tickets and tasks and help you scale without increasing team size. 

Customer Self Service Flows
Helpdesk: Customer Self-Service Scenarios

3. Agent Experience

Customer service relies heavily on the support agents; their experience is essential in selecting the right Magento helpdesk. Your helpdesk should have a user-friendly interface that is highly adaptable and can be customized to suit your agents’ needs. 

Whether setting up an automated response or viewing complete customer context, your helpdesk should free up your agents’ time by reducing redundant interactions or adding a layer of convenience to their day-to-day functions. 

Customer Context in Helpesk
Helpdesk Agent Interface

4. Mobile-Friendly

Most of your customers view your website on their mobile phones. A fact that Magento addresses very well. The platform offers a seamless experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Your helpdesk should be as adaptable to all platforms as Magento. 

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Features To Look For In Your Magento Helpdesk:

1. Automation Flows:

Magento offers immense flexibility in terms of customization. You can change the source code and add specific functionality that suits your business needs. Similarly, a helpdesk has the potential to help create more transparent and efficient internal processes.

Helpdesk with automation tools can benefit your business. It can help route conversations, trigger canned responses, or even trigger order actions. Look for a highly customizable device that will offer you the same freedom and functionality as Magento. 

Helpdesk automation
Ticket Routing & Assignment powered by Richpanel

2. Customer Self-Service Portal:

A helpdesk facilitates the conversations you have with your customers. Hence, its features determine how you nurture the bond with your website visitors and customers. 

To illustrate- A helpdesk that relies heavily on automation will treat your customers as tickets and aim for fast responses rather than solutions. 

A helpdesk with the right self-service flows in their customer portal will help create a more transparent environment, empower customers and encourage brand loyalty. 

Customer Self-service Portal
Customer Self-service Portal

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3. CSAT and Reporting:

Customer support is a great revenue channel. While Magento has extensive reporting features, it fails to illustrate how much revenue customer support drives in and gives you insights into all the customer support functions. With the right Helpdesk, you can access reporting tools that will help determine the bottom line impact your CS operations have, who are your best performers and what are the common problem areas for your customers.  Discover more on How to Measure Customer Satisfaction.

Customer service reporting
Agent Performance Dashboard

4. DTC Stack Integrations: 

Magento offers an extensive list of apps and extensions for added functionality for those who do not want to hire developers and change the source code. Your helpdesk should integrate with your DTC stack and help your agents perform day-to-tasks without switching multiple windows. 

Richpanel x Magento Integration
Magento Integration

Your helpdesk should also have a robust integration with Magento so that you can pull customer data, access customer conversations, and initiate order actions from within the helpdesk window. 

Best Magento Helpdesk Extension for Customer Service

Here are some of the most popular helpdesks for Magento:

1. Richpanel - Customer Service Helpdesk & CRM

Richpanel is a leading Magento Helpdesk with extensive features that allow eCommerce business owners to automate their processes, streamline customer service on all channels, and optimize customer service functions. Here are some of the most noteworthy features of Richpanel:

Reviews: 4.7 ⭐ (54 Reviews on G2)

I. Self-Service:

Richpanel’s Customer self-service portal stands out among all Magento Helpdesks. An Amazon-like interface aims to empower customers to solve their problems with great ease.

Richpanel has a customizable knowledge base that increases pre-sales engagement. The chat widget can provide answers to FAQs and tutorials and educate the audience about the product. It helps you provide after-sales service and answers product or service-related problems. What’s better, it allows customers to take order actions such as editing, canceling, or initiating a refund freeing up your agents’ time by eliminating redundant queries.  

Richpanel does not deflect customer queries using automation or treat their problems as mere tickets. It is a robust customer-service platform that aims to improve the customer experience by increasing transparency and efficiency of customer interactions. 

Customer Self-service
Customer Self-service Widget Powered by Richpanel

II. Agent Experience:

Richpanel lays equal emphasis on customer experience and the agent experience. The back-end looks like popular social media applications like LinkedIn, making it highly adaptable. It integrates customer chats from different channels such as live chat, mail, Whatsapp, Instagram DMs, and comments, helping streamline your CS operations. With access to previous correspondence, agents can assist customers better. 

Richpanel also pulls customer data like CLV and order history, providing complete customer context and helping agents make more informed decisions. 

With collaborative features that allow you to tag teammates, Richpanel’s agent experience proves to be efficient and wise. 

360 Customer Context
Agent Experience: 360 Degree Customer Context

III. Integrations: 

For eCommerce helpdesks, integrations are pivotal to the efficiency of the system. Richpanel has robust integrations with Magento, which allows agents to access customer data and take order actions with just a few clicks. 

Richpanel also supports deep integrations with various popular eCommerce tools such as Klaviyo, Aircall,, Returnly, and loop returns. This allows agents to access all their devices without switching through multiple windows. It makes their job faster and easier without compromising on the quality of support. 

Richpanel integration
Richpanel Integration

IV. Reporting 

Richpanel works to turn your customer service into a revenue channel. Optimizing your customer service operations provides valuable data and insights into the agents’ productivity and the revenue generated from CS operations. With metrics like average response time and median conversation time, you can monitor your agents’ productivity and train them accordingly. 

Team Performance
Team Performance Dashboard

It also allows you to track revenue generated through customer support and highlights the common problem your customers face. Richpanel can identify key problem areas that will help you improve your customer experience, whether it is a specific product or webpage on your site. 

V. Language 

Richpanel supports over 52 languages. With the flexibility of conversing in their native language, customers feel more comfortable and are more likely to purchase from you again. It promotes a sense of brand loyalty and helps you stand out from your competitors. Learn more on Multilingual Support Help desk

Multilingual Helpdesk

VI. Automation Tools

You can use Richpanel features such as tags and workflow automation to optimize your processes and reduce the number of repetitive tasks.

Right from setting up personalized responses to queries received outside of working hours to triggering automated responses for queries about shipment and tracking, Richpanel can help you minimize redundant tasks and improve your team’s productivity. 

VII. CSAT Surveys

Richpanel sends out CSAT surveys to your customers and helps you get live feedback for your customer conversations. It is a native feature that ensures that it sends surveys thoughtfully. For example, It only triggers the survey when the conversation is more than 50 characters to ensure it does not send a survey prematurely. 

2. Gladly: 

Source: Gladly
Source: Gladly

Gladly is a helpdesk for Magento that aims to automate the customer service process and reduce the workload on your agents. Here are some of its features:


Gladly offers a fully customizable IVR that can help you provide voice support around the clock. You can configure the menu to suit your needs and it can help act as the first touchpoint before the customers talk to your support agent. 

While this is a great way to provide help when support agents are not available, automated messages may sound robotic and take away from the personalized experience your customers value. 

II. Customer Details:

Gladly provides your agents with customer details such as past purchases and preferences to make sure your support team can provide the most personalized experience when talking to a customer. 

It displays conversation history and customer details in one place helping the support team make more informed decisions without having to switch between multiple tabs. 

III. Automation: 

Gladly has great automation features that help route customer conversations to the right department. If a customer’s message asks for a refund or exchanges the conversation is directly routed to the agents who are best suited to handle such queries. 

Gladly does not, however, allow other agents to view the conversation that is assigned to another agent. This results in delays when similar queries come in at the same time. 

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3. Kustomer: 

Source: Kustomer

Kustomer is another helpdesk that aims to automate the customer service process in order to provide quick service without over-burdening your support team. Here are some of its features: 

I. Kustomer IQ: 

Kustomer IQ is Kustomer’s USP. It is an AI-powered tool that studies your agents’ previous conversations to automate responses. As appealing as it may sound, Kustomer IQ is not meant for businesses that prefer a more personalized approach in their interactions. The automated responses can be quite robotic and trade-off personalization in the pursuit of speed. 

II. DTC Stack Integrations:

Kustomer integrates with many tools from the DTC stack such as Zapier, Twilio, Jira, and WhatsApp. It also has a deep integration with Magento that allows it to pull customer data and act as a CRM as well. However, the integrations are quite challenging to set up and you may have to rely on a tech team to see them through. Learn More on Kustomer Alternatives

4. Zendesk: 

Source: Zendesk

One of the most versatile helpdesk solutions for Magento. Zendesk is a one-stop solution for various industries looking for customer support software. Here are some of Zendesk features

I. Reporting: 

Zendesk has a highly customizable reporting system. Since Zendesk aims to serve a wide range of industries it can be tweaked to suit the needs of different types of businesses. The issue is that the customizability acts as a roadblock for many Magento businesses since Zendesk is not focused on eCommerce. The number of choices can be overwhelming and tedious to set up. 

II. Integrations: 

The Zendesk helpdesk is part of a large family of solutions which includes other tools like Zendesk Chat and Zendesk Guide. When integrated together, they work seamlessly and create a great customer service experience. However, each tool is paid for and hence it can be quite expensive to use Zendesk when you are looking for a more holistic approach to your customer service. 

Zendesk does support integration with many other tools such as Hubspot, Salesforce, and Slack. Read more on Zendesk Alternatives

Best Magento Extensions to Integrate with your Ecommerce Store

1. Yotpo

Yotpo is primarily a reviews platform. It also offers other marketing solutions such as SMS marketing, loyalty programs, and a subscription system, making it an excellent tool for your Shopify Business. Yotpo integrates with Richpanel, Gorgias, and Zendesk.

2. Salesforce CRM Extension

With the Salesforce CRM extension by Magenest, all your Magento information can be easily synced to Salesforce CRM, As a result, you can update vital customer data such as name, address, and email onto Salesforce CRM without having to manually enter it each time. Consequently helping managers focus on their target customers more effectively while simultaneously increasing sales and providing better service quality.

3. Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments is a payment processing platform. It allows you to accept credit card payments via a gateway on your Magento store or a custom website. The other features include invoicing and billing, and it also offers a checkout page. 

4. ShipStation

Shipstation is a shipping solution that provides a fast and affordable way to manage your business’s shipments. It also allows you to import orders, print labels for your packages, and update tracking information. It integrates with Magento Helpdesk such as Richpanel, Gladly & Zendesk

5. Social Login

This application allows users to contact you through third-party profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google. Social Login collects user data from these websites, such as demographic, specific interests, and personal circumstances, to personalize the customer experience. 

6. Automatic Related Products by Aheadworks

Automatic-related products by Aheadworks allow you to improve the customer experience and cross-sell products on your website. It will enable you to customize the blocks and choose products and allows you to display them on any page of your store. 

The right help desk can play a vital role in your eCommerce success. If you are looking to build an outstanding support system for your eCommerce website, reach out to Richpanel today! Signup for Free or Schedule a Demo

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